[HOT] Tasking Server - Validation

Michael Krämer ohrosm at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 15 18:16:34 BST 2012


Am 15.04.2012 18:57, schrieb Pierre GIRAUD:
> Currently it's impossible to 'invalidate' tasks that have been 'validated'.
> I really wonder if the validation if required. I mean, it's obviously
> important to be able to 'invalidate' a task to put it back in the 'to
> be done' tasks list when it is actually incompletely done. However,
> being able to 'validate' a task shouldn't be that easy.

Well, if there is a need to 'invalidate' I think 'validate' makes 
perfectly sense. Otherwise you never know if no one has ever checked the 
task or if someone checked and everything is ok.

In fact, when starting to use the Tasking Manager I had a look at some 
of the validated tasks - just to see what kind of mapping has been found 
acceptable. Unfortunately you can't click a validated task - I also 
wanted to see, what others write as comments. Clicking a 'red' task 
immediately puts you in as the validator (luckily there is the 'unlock' 

> Or maybe, it should only be available for admin users, or to users
> with a specific role (validators ?).

As I am still rather new to HOT I am still somehow uncertain about the 
validation. I technically know what has to be done - but I don't know 
who the typical 'valdiator' should be. On TM there's the text 'If you're 
an experienced mapper, you can also be given a task to validate.' - this 
has two words that confuse me a bit: 'experienced' and 'given'. I never 
could find a definiton of 'experienced' so I personally never validated 
a task (just invalidated one once). Also 'given' sounds a bit like 
someone else will do this e.g. promote someone to validator or so.

So overall I think active validation is a good idea but perhaps needs a 
bit more clarification. Removing the validation is wouldn't be a good 
idea for me.

	Michael (user Ohr)

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