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Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 15 19:05:17 BST 2012


Validation could be reserved to Validators and Admins.  Should it be invalidated. I say yes. 
The validator would select a micro-task or an area on the map, and invalidate theses micro-tasks, adding comments, instructions to complete.
These tasks could be indicated as Incompleted and Comments / Instructions would be showed when the task is selected.


De : Pierre GIRAUD 
Date/heure : 2012-04-15  12:58:32 
A : HOT Openstreetmap 
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Sujet : [HOT] Tasking Server - Validation 
Hi all,
Currently it's impossible to 'invalidate' tasks that have been 'validated'.
I really wonder if the validation if required. I mean, it's obviously
important to be able to 'invalidate' a task to put it back in the 'to
be done' tasks list when it is actually incompletely done. However,
being able to 'validate' a task shouldn't be that easy.
I would like to propose the removal of the 'validate' button.
What do you think ?
Or maybe, it should only be available for admin users, or to users
with a specific role (validators ?).
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