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Thu Dec 6 16:05:08 GMT 2012

I believe we encountered a similar issue during one of our workshops here
in Indonesia.  Two participants that were editing similar areas via the
tasking manager got those error messages.  We deleted their preferences but
that did not work.  Then, we tried to see if someone else could upload the
saved edits, but when those edits were transferred to another computer they
could not be saved.  I cannot remember why.

I think that we ended up having to update or redownload JOSM.

What version of JOSM has everyone been using?  What areas are you all
editing?  Are they overlapping?


Katrina E.

Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team
Jakarta, Indonesia
On Dec 6, 2012 7:49 PM, "Banick, Robert" <Robert.Banick at redcross.org> wrote:

>   Hi All,
>  I've been working with an ICT4D class out out Tulane University to map
> the neighborhood of Bwaise in Kampala, in preparation for some Red Cross
> work in the coming year. Some of our students have been encountering the
> following problem when uploading, and I'm stumped. Do any of you have a
> suggestion?
>  "I was just trying to do some finishing touches on one of my squares and
> I keep getting the message: "An unexpected exception occurred. This is
> always a coding error. If you are running the latest version of JOSM,
> please consider being kind and file a bug report." Then, it will not let me
> upload my changes. I have saved my map to my desktop, so the map that you
> will receive with my reflection will be the updated one. Unfortunately, I
> cannot update the actual thing."
>  The attached file is one of the OSM files that the students are trying
> to upload. I get the same error when I try to upload from my computer. Can
> any of you see what the problem with it is?
>  Best,
> Robert
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>   From: Jessica Ports <jessicahports at gmail.com>
> Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 8:27 PM
> To: Robert Banick <robert.banick at redcross.org>
> Subject: Fwd: saved document
>  Hi Robert,
>  We tried downloading the jar version of JOSM and opening her file, then
> tried to upload again and we're still getting the same error. Maybe it
> something with her computer? Here is her OSM file - can you give it a try,
> maybe?
>  Jessica
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