[HOT] UPDATE: Membership and board nominations 2012-13

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Thu Dec 6 23:27:12 GMT 2012

Hello, HOTties,

TL;DR: Register your continued membership before Sunday night. Nominate new members before Sunday night. You have an extra week to nominate new Board members. Don't wait.
I just want to remind you all that SUNDAY DECEMBER 9 2012 is an important deadline for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team members in two respects:

1) If you wish to continue being a member of HOT, please indicate your willingness to serve your teammates and your fellow human beings on this spreadsheet:


It will take you two minutes. So far only about 25 formal members of the team have done this. If you ARE a formal voting team member, and you do not fill out this form by MIDNIGHT PST SUNDAY DECEMBER 9 2012 (3 days from now!) then your name will be submitted on a list to the membership to be for considered for removal from the team, and we will be sorry to see you go.

2) If you wish to nominate someone to become a formal voting member of HOT, please submit their name and the rationale here:


If you have not been nominated, and you wish to become a voting member of HOT, with all the responsibility that entails, please feel free to ask any current voting member to nominate you. The list of current voting members is here:


The deadline for being nominated is MIDNIGHT PST SUNDAY DECEMBER 9 2012 (3 days from now). New member nominations will be published on December 10, and the existing membership will have until December 17 to comment or request a formal vote, at which point the nominations will be confirmed.

Finally, partly due to low turnout on nominations to the Board of Directors, and partly because we did it this way last year, the Board has opted to extend the nomination deadline for the Board of Directors for a week past the new member nomination deadline to MIDNIGHT PST SUNDAY DECEMBER 17 2012. Please nominate the HOTties you think will lead the organization to success next year here:


New members will be eligible to be nominated and to cast votes for the board. Please be sure that nominees wish to serve in this capacity before nominating them -- and please be aware that, although the time commitment for a board member is supposed to be only 5 hours per month, the organization at this point appears to realistically need around 20 hours per month of a board member's time. 

This coming year promises to be a transformative year for HOT, so please get your nominations in early. 

We will send instructions on how to cast your vote by email on or before December 17, and we’ll have the election the following week, with completion by December 23. We will announce your collective selections for the team's 2013 Board of Directors on December 24, which we hope will be a fine holiday gift for everyone on the team.

Thank you as always for being awesome!

On behalf of your Board of Directors, salutations,


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