[HOT] Upcoming nominations & HOT's online presence?

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 01:30:18 GMT 2012

Hi all,

I guess that with nominations closing shortly this might be too late to
suggest, but is it worth highlighting the membership nominations on the HOT
website, Twitter, Facebook?

I wonder if we may have people engaging with HOT through those means that
haven't signed up for the mailing list yet. I'm thinking particularly of
those people that might procrastinate about getting involved, or those that
don't deal well with mailing lists, but are fine with the new social media.

The website at least seems like a potentially good place to publicise the
nominations through the Get Involved page. Facebook and Twitter could then
be used, if for nothing else, to drive visitors to that page.

I suppose it gets to a bigger query: to what extent is the HOT website,
Twitter & Facebook intended to be used by members and potential members?

Cheers, Joseph
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