[HOT] Re : RDC-Congo Pre-Activation : Lac Kivu

Michael Heißmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
Wed Dec 12 10:11:47 GMT 2012


Michael Krämer schrieb 2012-12-12 10:12:
> Hello Pierre,
> 2012/12/11 Pierre Béland <infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr <mailto:infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr>>
>     There are also many POI's with source_ref=www.rgc.cd <http://www.rgc.cd>.  I
>     contacted a person related to this site to see if there is more information
>     to import from their database (license=ODbl).
> Some time ago I worked with the datasets from RGC. At that time I created a
> summary of the datasets on
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:WikiProject_Congo-Kinshasa.
> I guess that even the less accurate parts of the data from RGC could now be
> somewhat valuable when combined with the much better coverage with
> high-resolution Bing imagery.

I would be careful to trust even those entries which claim GPS as source. When 
working on the area these days I deleted two of those nodes (changeset 14214101) 
because there is apparently no school building nearby. The RGC shapefile 
mentions that those entries were from late 2008.

> Michael (user Ohr)

Michael (user michael63)

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