[HOT] HOT presentations for non-GIS, non-OSM types

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Jan 5 15:43:52 GMT 2012

some of you probably already know me. for those who don't,
i'm an active mapper in the US who is also currently serving
on the board of the OSM US chapter.

i'm (on short notice) working on a presentation on HOT for
a Rotary Club in Albany NY, which i'm likely to give on Wednesday
of next week. in going through some of the material on wiki,
i'm seeing that some stuff probably needs to be brought up
to date, and that the presentations currently run a bit technical.
there is stuff i'd like to do in this presentation that isn't easy
to extract from the available material, so as someone who has
admired what HOT is doing from the outside, i'd like to try
and build a non-technical presentation, get it into good shape,
then come back and work on providing a introduction to HOT
for non tech types on the wiki for general use. any help from this
list would be greatly appreciated.

things i think i need:

1) a taxonomy of HOT projects
     Haiti (disaster response) is one thing, what Kate is doing in
     Indonesia is clearly a different thing. what are the different
     types of projects that HOT is doing? are there any things HOT
     would like to be doing that aren't currently being done?
     are there any projects that haven't been done due to
     resource restrictions? (people or funding?)

2) a brief timeline with featured projects. Obviously Haiti is
     one, what are some others that belong on the short list?

3) i would like to feature Haiti as an example of HOT in action.
     what are the things that should specifically be brought out
     in such a presentation?

4) what are the typical costs involved in projects HOT does?
     (Rotary International is a potential source of funding, one
     reason why i'm experimenting with pitching HOT to Rotary Clubs.)

there are probably other things, but this list will do for starters.

thanks in advance,

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