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Rotarians have been working with a team in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and one of the outputs from that work has been street data for OSM. While not a HOT project per se, I would ping Todd  Huffman for details and screen shots.


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On Jan 5, 2012, at 10:43 AM, Richard Welty <rwelty at averillpark.net> wrote:

> some of you probably already know me. for those who don't,
> i'm an active mapper in the US who is also currently serving
> on the board of the OSM US chapter.
> i'm (on short notice) working on a presentation on HOT for
> a Rotary Club in Albany NY, which i'm likely to give on Wednesday
> of next week. in going through some of the material on wiki,
> i'm seeing that some stuff probably needs to be brought up
> to date, and that the presentations currently run a bit technical.
> there is stuff i'd like to do in this presentation that isn't easy
> to extract from the available material, so as someone who has
> admired what HOT is doing from the outside, i'd like to try
> and build a non-technical presentation, get it into good shape,
> then come back and work on providing a introduction to HOT
> for non tech types on the wiki for general use. any help from this
> list would be greatly appreciated.
> things i think i need:
> 1) a taxonomy of HOT projects
>    Haiti (disaster response) is one thing, what Kate is doing in
>    Indonesia is clearly a different thing. what are the different
>    types of projects that HOT is doing? are there any things HOT
>    would like to be doing that aren't currently being done?
>    are there any projects that haven't been done due to
>    resource restrictions? (people or funding?)
> 2) a brief timeline with featured projects. Obviously Haiti is
>    one, what are some others that belong on the short list?
> 3) i would like to feature Haiti as an example of HOT in action.
>    what are the things that should specifically be brought out
>    in such a presentation?
> 4) what are the typical costs involved in projects HOT does?
>    (Rotary International is a potential source of funding, one
>    reason why i'm experimenting with pitching HOT to Rotary Clubs.)
> there are probably other things, but this list will do for starters.
> thanks in advance,
>   richard
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