[HOT] HOT presentations for non-GIS, non-OSM types

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Jan 6 02:30:11 GMT 2012

i got a lot of good stuff, both on list and off list; it will take me a 
couple of days
to process.

fortunately i'll have time. this morning i thought i was working on a 
backup presentation
that was sure to be needed next week; it's not going to be so i have 
until february and
might actually do a better job because of it.

i am glad to hear of the Rotarians working on this in Afganistan. for 
those who aren't
familiar with it, the Rotary model for international projects goes a 
little like this:
clubs in relatively wealthy places like the US and Europe partner with 
clubs in places
like Africa and Central Asia; the clubs in the developing world have 
feet on the ground
and the other clubs help raise funds. thus, there is a potential for 
Rotary to both
fund hardware kits and supply people to be trained in mapping.


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