[HOT] Padang image problems

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Thu Jan 26 15:18:39 GMT 2012

> Due to a Y origin for these (TMS) tiles different from what is used
>    usually in OSM (and Gogol and...), I think you can't use the Padang
>   images in Potlatch (unless things have changed recently). This is
>    why a "-" or a "!" is required in the URL for JOSM (depending on the
>    version), which knows how to make tile requests for this scheme.
> So I think you'd better use JOSM.
> The task page should probably be corrected to reflect this.

Ah that's why it hasn't been working for me lately.  Gah! stupid TMS coordinates!  Well I can update the task description to say it doesn't work in Potlatch or older versions of JOSM if that's the best thing to do but...  seems kinda lame.

Isn't it a simple fix to re-number all the tiles to flip the world the other way up? 

So we could either...

* Do this on the current server by generating the tiles differently the first place
* Do this on the current server by running some little 'flip the world' script to rename the files
* wget the files onto another server and play around with such little scripts there.
* Make a 'flip the world' proxying script


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