[HOT] FW: Padang image problems

Nelson nelsonjsilva at simplesnet.pt
Thu Jan 26 15:37:32 GMT 2012

Hi Jean,

Almost everything working, but after configuring the images in Preferences,
when i try to add then to JOSM, he shows the name of each image in red and
with error


I try with boot "!" and "-".


Thanks for your help




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Le 26/01/2012 15:14, Nelson a écrit : 

Thanks Jean and Jim for your answers.

I’m not a JOSM user. I have downloaded the tested JOSM file and open it.
When I try to Take a Job in the Tasking Manager, he said “If you have JOSM
already running, closing this dialog box should load data for the area of
the current task,” but then he gives an error. I must install JOSM or can I
use this JAR file or the JOSM-webstart?

What error do you get? It works for me with JOSM 4667 (current "stable"

Check that "remote control" is activated in preferences.


I downloaded the export.osm and loaded him in JOSM.

Good. So problem above is solved this way too.

Then I try to add the images in menu Imagery>Rectified Images, right? 

No. This was for WMS imagery only, but it's been a long time since I last
used it. :)

Go in Preferences / WMS-TMS. Click on "+", and paste the URL in the TMS tab
(under an adequate name, like "Padang 2" or 1). After you validate, the URL
should appear in the active suppliers list (with a "tms:" prefix), and the
name in the imagery list.

But gives me a red background and the word error. I have see the messages in
last December related to this, and use the “-“ instead of the “!”


Any suggestion? 

Sorry my newbie questions for JOSM, but it is my first time with it.

You are very welcome Nelson. 

Happy mapping! :)






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Le 26/01/2012 13:35, Nelson a écrit : 



After I add my vector file related to my first job, I try to configure the
background of Potlatch 2 with the images for the Padang map. But when I call
the image, nothing happen.

At the status bar of the web browser the message is Waiting for


Any tip or tricks?

Hello Nelson,

Due to a Y origin for these (TMS) tiles different from what is used usually
in OSM (and Gogol and...), I think you can't use the Padang images in
Potlatch (unless things have changed recently). This is why a "-" or a "!"
is required in the URL for JOSM (depending on the version), which knows how
to make tile requests for this scheme.

So I think you'd better use JOSM.

The task page should probably be corrected to reflect this.

Best wishes,


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