[HOT] Tasking Manager - Feedback and upcoming evolution

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 26 20:49:36 GMT 2012

Pierre GIRAUD wrote on  2012-01-26  14:51:37 
I started to design this new workflow. Please check it out here:

Good news, and the design should also help to communicate information to mappers. Even with long description, we can see in the right panel the progression of the various tasks.

 - help mappers to communicate with each other:
Would a chat per job (in-the-page as in Facebook) help?

This is eaysy to implement and would be really helpfull. I think that the Task manager should be the Central place to inform, communicate, let the coordinator join rapidly the mappers involved in a particular job. It would at the same time be some kind of FAQ for this particular job. And people joining in at different stages would be able to follow the history of discussions for this job.

Very interesting stuff.

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