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On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 9:29 AM, Big Fat Frog <bigfatfrog67 at gmail.com>wrote:

> While mapping "Lombok Island" and also validating others' work I've
> noticed a recent tendancy for some to double sketch.  I've seen duplicate
> tags for Mosques right next to each other, I've seen residential areas
> traced on top of each other and I've seen roads traced on top of each
> other!  Are there and computerised processes adding these features without
> seeing the human added versions or are people simply doing stuff

Have you contacted the mapper(s) who are doing the duplication? That's a
good place to start.

> Also, there is a common habit by some to tag "Residential Roads" and
> "Living Streets".  Please not the differences between the two as they are
> quite different,  a "Living Street" is not a road people live on. Maybe
> this is a English translation issue. A "Residential Road" is a road with
> predominately houses on it.  A "Living Street" is a road where no one road
> user has a priority over others.  As far as I know it is exclusively found
> in Western cities/towns who seeking to bring pedestrians and cyclist back
> into town centres.

Yea. That's what the wiki says. .. We've had some discussion about the
living_street tag usage in Haiti related to discussion on how roads that
are usually crowded by people, merchants, etc (and are not very passable
drive-through roads) should be tagged. The "idea" of the living_street
would feel to match the "situation on the ground" quite well and hence I
and a few others have started (still somewhat limited but growing) use of
the tag here.
To clarify, what I mean is that while there isn't a law that gives
pedestrians right-of-way over vehicles in these roads it's _very_ clear
that vehicles _must_ give way to pedestrians in such ways -- if they don't
want to be thrown rocks at or other inconveniences.

Would there be other sensible solutions to tagging bits of road that (more
or less) clearly match the "ethos" of the living_street (in the developing
world mostly, I'd assume)?

Cheers from Haiti,
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