[HOT] Re : Blog post about last weeks Camp Roberts/RELIEF Mapping

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Wed May 30 19:42:59 BST 2012

Each project has is particularities and I agree that we should provide more 
guidelines when possible. I prefer to put guidelines in the Task Manager Workflow page. Tutorials and tools such as JOSM Plugins, Presets and 
StyleSheets also help.

Inside the camps, it would effectively good to suggest the type of road to use.

I mapped areas in three of the camps.  It was tedious to trace these 
dozens of crossing roads.   After many hours of repetitive tracing, I 
found little tricks to simplify the tracing in the context of these camps. To trace more simply and rapidly, I managed to use UtilsPlugin2 plugin and a custom Refugee Camp Preset.

add all the ways crossing each other, I first traced all the vertical 
and horizontal lines ignoring the crossing points. Then I selected all 
these vertical and horizontal ways to have the possibility to do some 
kind of batch processing.

	* UtilsPlugin2 Shif+I added all the nodes at the crossing points.
	*  Custom Preset added tags simultaneously to all these ways. For example, this added highway=service and source=Nextview.

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>Hi All,
>The first blog post discussing our results from last weeks refugee
>camp mapping exercise:
>I'm still working on the analysis for HOT's blog you'll see it in the
>next day or two.
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