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Tasking Manager ideas

Chat rooms could be good.
As with the polygon areas you've been developing, it does remind me more and more of the tool called "MapCraft" which already exists, and which we *could* already use for HOT stuff in fact.  We use it London mapping parties.  It's quite neat
It's a shame it's written a different language (php vs python), otherwise we could move for some sort of convergence.

But anyway we can learn from it. The chat room feature on MapCraft isn't all that useful. It's quite well implemented. Also used as a sort notification panel for things like "user X has taken area number 12". But...   we mostly miss each other, and leave messages for eachother there rather than doing live chat,  or we do live chat because we were just live chatting on IRC two seconds earlier (not achieving much).  

So I'm thinking a chatroom feature on the tasking manager might be more lively and better used if it was simply a view onto the #hot IRC channel.  This would also make the IRC channel more lively and better used.  Maybe you were thinking of having a different chatroom per job.

Thinking wider...  maybe a chatroom on the tasking manager website is the wrong place for it. How about a chat plugin for JOSM? It maybe fits into ideas of making OSM more sociable in general

On the topic of editing job instructions. The task manager website could take a feed from the osm wiki. Scrape fragments from present areas of wiki content, from a URL such as http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Task_manager_jobs/9  This would let more people contribute, while saving you re-implementing wiki style auditing of edits.

For the Padang job I added a screenshot of a completed square http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/9  A picture tells a thousand words. It conveys not only the kind of data that we're expecting, but also what the imagery is supposed to look like when you finally get those fiddly URLs to work. Perhaps example images should either be an explicit field to be filled in, or at least a guideline for those creating job descriptions.


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This bring us back to the idea of having something like a chat room to exchange. For every task, we are confronted to particularities that emerge while mapping.  When we start a project, if we invite mappers to chat, people will be able to exchange experience, exprress difficulties and propose suggestions such as particular tags, little tricks, plugins, Presets. These discussions should also bring some content to edit the task instructions.
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