[HOT] Task Manager ability to pre-fill changeset source= comment= etc

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Sun Dec 1 16:03:33 UTC 2013

Hi, Dan!

We're talking through some ideas here (at OSM London hack weekend). It
> would be nice if the Tasking Manager could pre-fill changeset tags in
> JOSM. This would mean our jobs don't need to say "Please use the
> following changeset comment: '...'", it could be automatic for users.
> (It would also enable some other stuff like making sure it's possible
> to jump from a changeset back to a task by url.)

When I was using JOSM with Tasking Manager yesterday, it did prefill the
changeset comment with the task URL.  I'm using JOSM v6383 (one version
behind the latest release, I believe).

One little change to Tasking Manager that could be useful would be to have
it include the bounding box lat lon limits on the page for a selected task,
in case it is unable to contact JOSM, e.g. due to firewall restrictions.
That would allow the user to enter the download limits by hand, if
necessary.  (This happened yesterday to someone using a Mac.  We're only
speculating that it was a firewall on his machine -- I had no problem on

-- Pat
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