[HOT] Task Manager ability to pre-fill changeset source= comment= etc

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Sun Dec 1 16:13:24 UTC 2013

> One little change to Tasking Manager that could be useful would be to have
> it include the bounding box lat lon limits on the page for a selected task,
> in case it is unable to contact JOSM, e.g. due to firewall restrictions.
> That would allow the user to enter the download limits by hand, if
> necessary.  (This happened yesterday to someone using a Mac.  We're only
> speculating that it was a firewall on his machine -- I had no problem on
> Windows.)

Hmm, I think we're wrong about a firewall being involved.  The way my
Mac-using friend was able to get the bounds of his task region was to
capture the URL of the request done by Tasking Manager when it appeared
briefly in a new browser tab.  (Fast reflexes...)  The URL was localhost,
which implies the request was launched locally, from the task web page.  So
the firewall would not see it at all, or, if some security software is
intercepting all HTTP, would permit.it.  The Mac user had the latest JOSM.

-- Pat
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