[HOT] Digital Democracy Haiti Hackathon needs HOT support this weekend

Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gwob.org
Sat Feb 2 23:57:29 GMT 2013

Thank you for the help! Any technical help towards for our team would be

Willow Brugh
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On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 4:18 PM, Jaakko Helleranta.com <jaakko at helleranta.com
> wrote:

> Thanks for Schuyler for sending out the email; you beat me to it.
> We do have some HOTties "here" (in and near PaP).
> I met with the hackathon team yesterday + attended the intl team's meeting
> at Solutions (=Noula developer) discussing the possibility of the hackathon
> collaborating with Noula and using it/parts of it and possibly Open
> Sourcing Noula.
> I won't go into details on open sourcing Noula except that since it's been
> developed with proprietary platforms my non-dev understanding is that it'd
> be difficult. But that's aside this thread.
> I met the core team again today (before packing for Jacmel for the
> Carneval; .. If I had only known of the hackathon date bit before..).
> Brian will is also in Jacmel so the HOT "local international" support is
> nil, unfortunately.
> But Bully and Samuel who have both worked with me over a year are
> participating and helping out to the best of their ability.
> Design/specification related issues not to mention implementation related
> question would benefit significantly from help from someone who actually
> knows these things. Jacmel didn't have a good 3G coverage last fall and my
> and Brian's availability will be limited.
> Anyways, as Schuyler noted the core team is planning to use at least the
> basemap and possibly/probably also Nominatim (at least in some way). Maybe
> also highlighting certain features like hospitals, police stations, womens'
> organizations, etc ; some of which are and will be in their private db for
> security reasons.
> Editing the map (osm db) is also in the wishlist but probably at max as a
> link to editing the current view in the map (a la osm.fr, umap.fluv.io,
> or something).
> As I'm no developer of any sort my advice to the team was obviously
> limited (and more related to using/contributing to and understanding the
> data + things related to contributing to it).
> So, help from especially people with dev understanding would be good (once
> the hackathon team has figured out a bit more what they want to do), as far
> as I understand.
> Cheers from (standstill) traffic jam en rte from PaP,
> -Jaakko
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