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Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Mon Oct 14 18:05:58 UTC 2013

Hello Kate

Thanks for your answer.
I was already made aware of the great resource learnosm.
Indeed, I was just contacted by Douglas Ssebaggala from Uganda today and 
I am going to answer him next. It is wonderful that there is an active 
community there.
I already joined the South Africa list to try to get some contact but 
alas, I fear this is a small community and perhaps not so active, and I 
did not get any reaction.

After planning with Isla this morning, we expect that our community 
activators will be hired by early December. They will stay in South 
Africa mostly for training till end of February. They will participate 
to a Wiki event in South Africa planned from 21-23rd of February (it has 
not been much advertised yet. Taking the opportunity: 
After which, they will go to either Uganda or Ivory Coast for field work.

Ideally, they would be trained on OSM matters somewhere between mid 
December to mid February in SA. They will benefit of training on various 
topics during that timeframe (not only OSM nor only Wikipedia but also 
stuff related to the Open Movement, to online communication, or 
fundraising etc. )

Of course, once they are in their countries, our community activators 
should collaborate with existing OSM teams as much as possible. So it is 
great to hear that there is an active team in Uganda. It seems less the 
case in Ivory Coast unfortunately.



   On 10/11/13 5:39 AM, Kate Chapman wrote:
> Hi Florence,
> Certainly HOT can be of assistance in this way. We have online
> resources such as LearnOSM to get people started: http://learnosm.org/
> We also have a network of community mobilizers and trainers that can
> potentially assist with workshops as well. For example in Uganda there
> is already a well developed OpenStreetMap community that may be of
> assistance (at least a few of them read this list as well).
> What is your timeframe for starting OSM related training.
> Thanks,
> -Kate
> On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 4:57 PM, Florence Devouard <anthere at anthere.org> wrote:
>> Hello far away peers,
>> This email is to present a new project and ask for support from you guys :)
>> Several people suggested that I join this list for this.
>> My name is Florence Devouard. Woman of 45. Living in France (Marseille).
>> Been involved in Wikipedia for 11 years, under many different roles
>> (was chair of the board of Wikimedia Foundation after Jimmy Wales.
>> Co-funded Wikimedia France. And well, many other things).
>> I currently work with Isla Haddow Flood from South Africa.
>> We designed a project called Kumusha Takes Wiki and got some funding from
>> Orange Fondation to start it.
>> You'll find a presentation of it
>> here:https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Kumusha_Takes_Wiki
>> To make it short, we are going to hire "Wikipedians in Residence" for about
>> one year. Each of them will be hosted in a different country (right now,
>> specifically looking for Uganda and Ivory Coast). Their goal will be to
>> activate communities to create and contribute freely-licensed information,
>> texts, images and media about their communities (villages, townships,
>> suburbs, inner cities, etc). Part of their activity will be to organize
>> local events during which people will discover open knowledge, Wikimedia
>> projects and OpenStreetMap project and be invited to participate of course.
>> Looking for the right people to be our WiR should occur ... very soon.
>> Once the WiR are hired, they will receive several weeks training in Africa
>> Centre in SA (that shall be this fall). After that time, they will go to the
>> chosen countries (Uganda and Ivory Coast), and implement the plan.
>> In terms of practical competencies, the WiR will need to know the basics
>> about OSM (what is it, what is for, benefits etc. no need to enter in big
>> technical details), will need to know how to organize mapping parties, and
>> will need to know how to inject information back into the project. Ideally,
>> they should become trainers themselves so that a couple of people in the
>> chosen countries can themselves become organizers of mapping parties.
>> If they are so gifted they can help crafting maps from the data. But I would
>> not see this as a mandatory point.
>> We need to find a way to get them acquire these competencies. At best, an
>> informed OSM person will come to Africa Centre and train them. At worse, if
>> we identify online resources that could summarize what they need to know
>> with regards to the basics (I'm sure there is such thing), we'll manage this
>> way; but they would still need to acquire the practical skills (and usually,
>> a good way to do that is to participate to mapping parties and see how it is
>> done...).
>> In any cases, we are looking for solutions to help them get started :)
>> And right now, neither Isla nor I are very knowledgeable on that topic...
>> Can you help ?
>> Best
>> Florence
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