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Wed Apr 2 12:57:22 UTC 2014

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We have already imported all of the names that we can from GNS, those
are the ones that should already be named and will have an 'NGA' in
the source tag rather than 'US Army Topo Map'.  For the ones on the
topo map for task 483, don't worry about the position at all, just
copy the name into the nodes either as name or as alt_name if there is
already a name there just spelled differently.  Once all the names are
entered in, then we will go through and try to place them in the
correct location.  The topo map was not super accurate but it it close
enough to find which name goes with what town once you correct for the
local offset (which changes from place to place).  But like I said,
for now just enter the names.

- -AndrewBuck

On 04/02/2014 02:36 AM, Dietmar Seifert wrote:
> Hallo Pierre,
> Am 02.04.2014 01:12, schrieb Pierre Béland:
>> ... We have a new job to add the place names. This can be done by
>> less experienced mappers. See http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/483 We
>> invite more experienced mappers to join the discussion on Mumble 
>> and see tasks to validate information / align places with
>> comparison with the various imageries available.
> i tried a litte bit with the map. I often found the town/hamlet 1
> or 2 kilometers away and has not just a wrong position, it seems
> also to be not in right scale (at least east-west), if i take the
> roads and rivers on the map for offset operations to the map. Some
> towns/hamlets on the map seems not to be exists any longer.
> Is there any reason, not to use the Geonet Names Server [1]? It
> seems not to be licensing problems, when the wiki page text is
> correct. We could either use the WMS-Layer, see link on the bottom
> of the page or could convert the data files to osm-files? The data,
> delivered from GNS, have also coordinates, which are not so bad.
> Greetings,
> Dietmar aka okilimu
> [1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GEOnet_Names_Server
>> ...
>> Pierre
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