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Dietmar Seifert ostrmap at diesei.de
Wed Apr 2 07:36:51 UTC 2014

Hallo Pierre,

Am 02.04.2014 01:12, schrieb Pierre Béland:
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> We have a new job to add the place names. This can be done by less
> experienced mappers. See http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/483
> We invite more experienced mappers to join the discussion on Mumble
> and see tasks to validate information / align places with comparison
> with the various imageries available.

i tried a litte bit with the map. I often found the town/hamlet 1 or 2
kilometers away and has not just a wrong position, it seems also to be
not in right scale (at least east-west), if i take the roads and rivers
on the map for offset operations to the map. Some towns/hamlets on the
map seems not to be exists any longer.

Is there any reason, not to use the Geonet Names Server [1]? It seems
not to be licensing problems, when the wiki page text is correct.
We could either use the WMS-Layer, see link on the bottom of the page or
could convert the data files to osm-files? The data, delivered from GNS,
have also coordinates, which are not so bad.


Dietmar aka okilimu

[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GEOnet_Names_Server
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> Pierre
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