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Sylvie De Laborderie s_delaborderie at cartong.org
Fri Apr 18 15:57:14 UTC 2014

Please kindly find feedback from the MSF GIS off. from the field.

To all OSM-Hot teams,First of all and once again, we would like to send a big THANK YOU to every single one of you. Your work is a gift to us all in the field. Building-scale mapping for such an area is a huge help for our outreach teams, and for many expats newly arrived and needing a briefing on how the outbreak is evolving. Finding remote localities and access to them is often a race against time as a few hours can make a serious difference, not only for patients, but also to arrive in time to prevent new contacts to happen and keep the outbreak from spreading further. Cross-checking between local knowledge and OSM maps allows us to work much fasterRegarding locality names, we were able to acquire through various field trip with GPS devices a confirmed database of localities covering the sub-prefectures of Gueckedou-Centre, Temessadou-Dibo, and Guedembou.Thought this might be a nice input for you guys, to come as support to your amazing work. This data can be freely shared as long as credited to MSF-CH. There might be still some minor confirmations/changes to make, especially in remote/inaccessible areas, but these places have been taken directly by GPS on the field, and confirmed with local inhabitants.Hope this helps. One more time: thanks!

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