[HOT] Task #817 - Guinea, Kankan East - A thecnic to Add Huts simply

Erik Walthinsen omega at omegacs.net
Sat Dec 20 01:47:25 UTC 2014

On 12/19/2014 04:01 PM, Tomas Apodaca wrote:
> *2.* Draw a line the diameter of the building.
> *3.* Shift-O to "Create Circle".

A more accurate method is to draw a line from one point on the circle to 
another ~120 degrees away, then a second line another ~120 around, 
creating a triangle minus one of the legs.  When you hit Create Circle 
it will fit the circle to those three points.

If you only have two points and either of them are off due to imagery, 
your circle may end up neither the diameter or the position you were after.

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