[HOT] HOT #777 (East Cameroon) feature identification: residential or farmyard?

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Sat Dec 20 20:27:00 UTC 2014


It is interesting that you call them animal tracks. What are the hints to
take them as such? My first thoughts would have been: those are regular
tracks and paths used by walking humans, maybe animals and sometimes

In HOT context with remote mapping we are able to identify some
agricultural fields and tag them as landuse=farmland. When the area is
extensive and we can spot associated buildings we can occasionally tag the
related buildings as landuse=farmyard as you suggested.

At first sight the assembled buildings would be settlements in my mind so I
would tag landuse=residential. But I am very attentive to anything you
could add to identify this area as animal tracks and farmyard.

Is it easily possible to identify pasture/meadow from imagery ? For very
detailed rural mapping we could then tag this as landuse=farmland or even

Please will you take a look at
Given the animal tracks around, it seems possible that these are animal
But I wonder if there are also people living here.
If just animal shelters I'm inclined to tag as landuse=farmyard, otherwise
What would you advise?

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