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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Mon Feb 3 18:31:17 UTC 2014

This version looks great and yes we should move on to implement it.

I am in general quite satisfied of the Task Manager and we have already discussed of some enhancements that could make it even more powerful. 

Two points in this version that could proabably be modified to give more control to the coordinators and experienced mappers over the control of the jobs. From my experience coordinating various Activations with the Tasking Manager, I see two elements in particular where inexperienced people cause problems in managing the Task manager job. We have already tried to find solutions for these. From the feedback using these functionalities, I think that we will continue to progress to a more robust Task Manager.

1. Validation
I am also of the opinion that we should rethink this function. There are other ways to validate, and letting anybody validate do not assure a good validation process. Plus there is the Invalidate button.  The problem we are faced with, with the Validation function is that we cannot Invalidate the Validation. 

If we keep the Validation step, we could assure that once the task status has moved to Validated, mappers do still have access to this task
a. to see info for this task in JOSM
b. To invalidate the task if this is incomplete. This way if an inexperience mapper click successively on a task, we are still able to Invalidate the task
2. Split function
I suspect that new mappers do not know well sometime where to click and sometimes endup dividing tasks in tiny, tiny ones that are not easily manageable.  A more descriptive button for Split plus a bubble note describing the Split function, would assure a better interaction with the software.

Other then that, I have to say that the Task Manger is a great tool for mapping. The experience in november with the Philippines Activation shows our capacity to escalate and coordinate well with this tool. assure that we cover systematically large zones with various workfows.  We have mapped two our three times more then for the Haiti Earthquake in 2010.

A great thank Pierre for this and I hope that we will have the opportunity in 2014 to continue to improve this excellent tool.


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Thanks for the update, great to hear about the progress and new UI features. 

So I'm clear, you're talking about merging https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager/tree/workflow
into https://github.com/hotosm/osm-tasking-manager

And by v2, are we talking about this version?

On validation, I agree it needs a rethink. There is definitely a need for validation in some form. But I'd hesitate to remove functionality, the current validation without replacing it with something else. I suggest we keep it for now, and move on discussion of what this should really look like.

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On Sunday, February 2, 2014 1:48 PM, Pierre GIRAUD <pierre.giraud at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,
>It's been a while now that I've started working on a "workflow" branch (more than a year ago). The main purpose of this development was to improve the user experience by simplifying the interface a bit.
>This branch is the one used for the instance working at http://tasks2.hotosm.org.
>I'm now confident and I think that it's ready. I would now like to merge the work into the master branch and update the main instance. It will also eventually allow us to remove this second instance. I will do my best to retrieve the data as well.
>For those who don't know yet, in addition to user interface modification, the main enhancement is deep linking ie. links to tasks in a read only mode. This allow users to share a link to the task they are working on for example.
>I also got rid of the "validation" process because it has been the source of problems recently. Let's rethink this feature if we really need it. People still can invalidate tasks though.
>If no one is fiercely against i, I'll do the merge later this week.
>This will help me give an answer to Mikel and others who were asking me how much work is left to get v1 functionnalities in v2.
>  | Pierre GIRAUD
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