[HOT] Tech WG - tasking manager - workflow branch

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 18:55:13 UTC 2014

2014-02-03 Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>:
> 2. Split function
> I suspect that new mappers do not know well sometime where to click and
> sometimes endup dividing tasks in tiny, tiny ones that are not easily
> manageable.

Hi - when I was a new mapper, I deliberately split the tasks into tiny
ones so that it was not so scary and overwhelming. I wonder if this is
more likely to be what's happening generally. I remember using a
Tasking Manager beta version (I forget which one) which didn't let me
divide the task down lower than a certain level - that was really
offputting for me. As experienced mappers, maybe you like to work with
large squares, but please don't forget that new mappers may find that
size intimidating...


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