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    Thanks for your work on this - I like the interface, in particular 
the ability to see which squares you have worked on, & to be able to 
select them again - particularly helpful if you realise you've been 
doing something slightly wrong (I'm sure we've all been there!) & you 
want to go back & correct it on all the instances involved.
    Splitting squares - I do it frequently, based upon how long I am 
likely to be able to map without interruptions. I prefer not to leave a 
square for someone else to finish off, and my life can have frequent 
interruptions. My workflow now consists of - select a square, quick look 
& if there are sufficient features to mean it will take me more than 20 
minutes to complete, then split it. There's a very good chance I will 
manage to do 3/4 of a whole square without an interruption, and I feel 
better if I've left 3 smaller squares as complete so that a following 
mapper just has a 'blank' square to work on.
    .gpx traces & waypoints, and further information. This probably 
exists somewhere, but I just haven't found it yet, but is there some 
system for dealing with someone on the ground uploading actual waypoints 
as opposed to simple gpx traces. When you upload a gpx trace to OSM it 
strips away any waypoints you may have created. OSMTracker, most gps's & 
other software can produce excellent information for adding to the maps, 
such as type of way - primary/secondary/tertiary/unclassified/path etc., 
waypoints for the exact location of drinking water taps, wells, & road 
    I'd like to see the squares of a task identified individually such 
as C:8, similar method to squares on a chess board, and I'd like to be 
able to see the date the square was marked as complete, and date of 
  If I use Bangui , job 72, as an example, as the distinctions are more 
obvious, but a similar problem must have occurred with Yolanda as 
different versions of imagery became available . Since work first 
started on this task, the Bing imagery has been updated. Some squares 
have been mapped & validated using one version of Bing, and some with a 
more recent. If the date information was available, it may be easier & 
for whoever is validating to mark all squares completed before a certain 
date for remapping.

    We may be better going for a different thread on this until there is 
some kind of consensus on what is needed. I have my own views. Comments 
in emails indicate there are more and more mappers getting involved in 
HOT, and I would like to see us developing our skills so we become more 
useful to you.
    I'd like to see the stage reached whereby a large number of mappers 
for HOT are 'accredited' as validators, and only they are able to 
validate. It may be that they work as mappers most of the time, and only 
rarely validate. When there is a large scale activation, such as the 
Typhoon Haiyan, a message could be sent out to all on the HOT mailing 
list asking that all accredited validators assist in validating the 
efforts of the influx of other mappers. I'd like to aim for an area 
being mapped, and then validated very soon afterwards, with feedback 
given to the mapper involved.
    If there are lots of validators working on a task then you need some 
method of seeing what has been validated, and what has not. I agree that 
another layer of validation after this, looking at the 'big picture' 
instead of small squares, is needed to improve the quality of the map 
information, but the individual square method can improve our abilities 
as mappers.
    If someone is validating a square I've worked on, I'd like them to 
be able to send me a message something like "Thanks for working on 
square C:8 of task 500023. There are a number of islands in the river of 
this square, and paths leading to the rivers edge. This may indicate a 
crossing, but the islands are not showing on the map. If you use 
relation 18323231, it is possible to draw round the islands, tag them as 
'place-island', and add them to the relation - more information on this 
is available at 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:multipolygon.  Would you 
prefer to add these islands yourself so you get the practice, or should 
I mark the square for further work by another. If I hear nothing from 
you by 01/01/2014 I will mark the square for further action by another. 

Thanks for reading


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On 04/02/14 08:13, Theodin wrote:
> Another idea:
> Maybe we could dothe process like Kort (OSM gamification 
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Kort_Game ) does it. There, 
> several people must check a certain thing and after three sucessfull 
> checks it gets accepted into OSM. That would be like a 2-step validation:
> first other mappers validate a tile 2-3 times
> second an experienced mapper validates it again blocks it and marks it 
> as done.
> But maybe this process is too much work.
> Regards,
> Theodin
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>>     Pierre
>>     Thanks for the update, great to hear about the progress and new
>>     UI features.?
>>     So I'm clear, you're talking about
>>     merging?https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager/tree/workflow
>>     into?https://github.com/hotosm/osm-tasking-manager
>>     <https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager/tree/workflowinto?https://github.com/hotosm/osm-tasking-manager>
>>     ?
>>     And by v2, are we talking about this version?
>>     https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager2
>>     On validation, I agree it needs a rethink. There is definitely a
>>     need for validation in some form. But I'd hesitate to remove
>>     functionality, the current validation without replacing it with
>>     something else. I suggest we keep it for now, and move on
>>     discussion of what this should really look like.
>> From my experience over the last months I would say the validation is 
>> two-folds:
>> - by task to review what each contributor did. The green step would 
>> be good ONLY IF IT COULD BE INVALIDATED. Currently once validated, it 
>> cannot be revert and the task cannot be selected anymore. This is 
>> really a pain as some mappers validate tasks that are far for being 
>> done. I must also confess I validated one or two tasks by accident 
>> myself. Is it not possible to easily remove this blocking feature and 
>> make the validation reverted if needed?
>> - over the whole mapped area, to harmonize the mapping and set a 
>> coherent road network. For more details, refer to the discussion I 
>> had on this list with Nick Allen a few weeks ago. Create a wikipage 
>> on this is still on my todo list.
>> Sincerely,
>> Severin
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