[HOT] Fwd: Any good HOT hacks wanted

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Tue Feb 4 15:18:38 UTC 2014

Any ideas for Jerry? He's subscribed to the list so please just reply here.



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From: SK53
Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 4:55 PM
Subject: Any good HOT hacks wanted
To: Kate Chapman <kate at maploser.com>, Kate Chapman <k8chapman at gmail.com>

Hi Kate,

Belated happy birthday: although I know like the Queen you have two these days.

Thanks to one of my friends who comes to our Nottingham OSM meeting
I've made contact with the local student hack society. They are having
a 24 (or strictly 28) hr hackathon in 3 weeks time. I've been invited
to give a talk and I though I would introduce HOT as part of it
(basically the old Haiti story).

I therefore wondered if there were any things which would be useful
for HOT. I have no idea how proficient the guys are, but they seem to
have already done some decent things with open data and maps. If you
have any ideas do let me know.



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