[HOT] Nominations for HOT Chair of the voting members and Board are open

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Mon Feb 10 06:17:21 UTC 2014

Dear voting members and the community at large,

Nominations for HOT Chair of the voting members and the Board are now open

Please see below notes on the role of the Chair and Board (clipped from
prior announcement).

As for the schedule, we realized that a week slipped through our fingers
and that we need to push the schedule with one week accordingly so that we
ensure that we have enough time for especially Board nominations and
possible discussions. Also, the nomination and the election of the Chair
and the Board will happen at the same time (to avoid election fatigue). The
dates below have been adjusted accordingly.

*(ii) Election of Chair** of **Voting Members: Nominations (Weeks of
February 10 and 17), Election (Week of February 24)*

The HOT bylaws section 3.7 note that a Chair shall be elected. This is the
first time that we are selecting one.

The role of the Chair (as defined by the bylaws) is to announce voting
members meetings and chair them but s/he also has a potential disciplinary
role towards harmfully acting voting members (section 3.6). The term of the
Chair is one year as is that of the Board.

*(iii) Election of the Board: **Nominations (Weeks of February 10 and 17),
Election (Week of February 24)*

All seven seats on the team's Board of Directors are up for election to a
one-year term. Having a Board with a diversity of skills will help further
the organization.

Nominations are to be made at:

 The nomination time of both the Chair and the Board will end at end of day
(midnight) PST, Sunday February 23 (= UTC-8).

So, please nominate good people for these HOT positions by writing your
nomination on the above-linked wiki page. The date and time of the Annual
Meeting will be announced in the coming days.

With best wishes from the nominations/elections team,
Boris, Jaakko & Kate

jaakko at helleranta.com * Skype: jhelleranta * Mobile: +505-8845-3391 (Nicaragua)
* Voice(mail) / SMS / What's app: +1-202-730-9778 * http://about.me/jaakkoh
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