[HOT] Transifex translation service for HOT projects

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Thu May 1 14:35:38 UTC 2014

Hi all,

we are going to try to use Transifex localization service to maintain and
improve HOT project localization. Transifex is essentially a paid service,
however it's free for open-source projects. There is also an open-source code
repository https://github.com/transifex/

Transifex service has an command line utility which enables, almost unattended,
localizations integration. The drawback is that we should let the CLI utility to
handle all translations, making Transifex the only source of translations. I'm
not sure how are we going to handle translation file merging, and how does
Transifex work when we remove some strings/terms from the initial source files

At the moment, I've only configured hot-export project and it's quite easy to
add new languages. https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/hot-export/

I've also noticed that some of strings/terms are not really used, so we probably
should do some spring cleaning.


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