[HOT] HOT Fundraising Working Group - Scheduling and Draft

Heather Leson heather.leson at hotosm.org
Tue May 6 21:45:11 UTC 2014

HI, I promised to start the HOT Fundraising Working Group.

If you are interested in joining, please add your available times. The
first option is this Friday. *Doodle to arrange meeting:
Meeting Goals


   Discuss Goals of Fundraising Working Group

   Outline Terms of Reference (actions, ownership, plan)

   Discuss SOTM Global scholarships.

The meeting will be on IRC/Mumble.

I've written up a draft Terms of Reference which is very much subject to
change. To summarize, the Fundraising Working Group will talk about
fundraising strategy for HOT the 'legal entity' and HOT 'the community and

*Draft Terms of Reference for Comment/Remixing:*

HOT would be thankful for dedicated contributors who have a
fundraising/campaign background, documentation, grant-writing, project
management or various network/community sector skills.

*Note that while we are global, I am mostly unable to meet during business
hours due to my job in the EDT timezone.

Talk with you soon,

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