[HOT] Floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Pierre and Hrvoje,


My apology that we have not yet completed a template, but I believe the ‘most complete’ wiki design was the one we used for the West Africa Ebola response, found here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2014_West_Africa_Ebola_Response - just cut/paste and update.


Thank you, we are working on streamlining the process…



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Good Hrvoje


we should update the wiki page to show the products and services offered to the humanitarians as we did for Haiyan.




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On 05/21/2014 03:49 PM, Pierre Béland wrote:
> Hi Dale,
> As expected with the reports of the last few days, damages are serious
> in many areas. We start to have more precise informations and need to
> readjust, prioritize our action We have to think about areas to cover,
> plus OSM products and services to offer to support the humanitarian
> organizations deploying on the ground.
> The preliminary infos that we obtained are covering an area of
> 29.600km2. We need to better focus on urgent needs and have the capacity
> to respond more quickly to this.
> Infos from Radar Satellites or other could help. I provided a link
> yesterday the Map of flooded zones, May 2014 (Red NASA Lance Modis /
> Light red European Commission Copernicus)
> http://floodobservatory.colorado.edu/RapidResponse/2014Bosnia4139/2014Bosnia.html
> This or other sources, including our DHN partners, could help us to
> focus where the needs are.  Any suggestions on this.
> As usal with such activations, we should offer regularly updated OSM
> Products and services. This could be on a daily basis. Could developpers
> answer if they can provide this?
> - GIS extracts for Croatia, Bosnia and Syria
> - GPS Garmin dowloads for Croatia, Bosnia and Syria
> - OSMAnd dowloads for Croatia, Bosnia and Syria
> Pierre

I generate daily pbf extracts for those countries:

Weekly garmin map generation:
I can start daily generation.

And Dražen Odobašić creates daily Gis extracts for Croatia:
I'll ask if he can include BiH and Serbia.

I was planing long time to also include OSMAns maps, and will do so shortly.


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