[HOT] proof reading & checking new section of LearnOSM

Nick Allen nick.allen.54 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 22:34:06 UTC 2014


Could a few willing volunteers please proof read the new section of 
http://learnosm.org/en/ relating to the Tasking Manager. Direct link for 
just that section is http://learnosm.org/en/coordination/tasking-manager/

There are various headings within the guide, so if you need to send a 
message to someone & you want them to look at a particular section, 
perhaps how to include a link to a particular square, you can send a 
link for just that section; 

It is now published on the website, but it needs proof reading, and 
possibly amending in other ways, and I would be grateful if some of you 
could take the time to do this.

Jeff Haack (cc'd on this message) deserves a medal for putting up with 
my attempts to break the system, and for giving me help & guidance.

When you find something that needs amending, you have options on how to 
fix it, but I will be monitoring the issues list on github 
https://github.com/hotosm/learnosm and if any updates are listed there I 
will attempt to update them myself.



Volunteer 'Tallguy' for 


Treasurer, website & Bonus Ball admin for 
http://www.6thswanleyscouts.org.uk/ (treasurer at 6thswanleyscouts.org.uk 
<mailto:treasurer at 6thswanleyscouts.org.uk>)

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