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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
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The objective is not to make micro-mapping of each parcel and more to trace residential areas in rural areas. 

There were some discussions on this, but I dont think that there is consensus on this. In urban areas, we shoud simply have a large polygon around the urban area and not cut at each street.  And I would be surprised to see farmlands inside a dense area like Bamako.
If you trace a large residential polygon, and inside it small polygons for schools, hospitals or any other landuse, you do not need to cut everything. The Map Renderers should know how to interpret this.

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Please have a look at this patchwork of small residential clusters and
mix of cultivated gardens, lawns, orchards...
This is currently mapped as surrounding landuse=farmland with
inclusion of landuse=residential.

How would you handle this?
My personal opinion is:
* These small gardens do not qualify as farmland.
* The surrounding should be landuse=residential
* Green inclusions as leisure=garden / landuse=orchard

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