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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 23 14:32:08 UTC 2014

These are great news for HOT Activations.
In the context of the Ebola outbreak, we have large territories to cover in West Africa. There are various areas not yet well covered with high-res imagery. With the sudden resurgence in various areas, we have to try to find rapidly imagery.  Imagery could be also helpful to do some prevention mapping in areas at risk, with limitroph regions having a spread of the epidemy. There are areas in east Guinea and West Ivory Coast with no high-res imagery.

We have the capacity to mount a tms server. If there are Skymap imagery archives, What would help us is to have access to a catalog of metadata for this imagery and a protocol to request for imagery.
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 Hi Satoshi,
 Yes.  My fault for delaying this but now done. Hence Josh' announcement. I am happy that:
   - The provider is aware of what we will do with their imagery and data derived from it.
   - The provider has given their explicit permission to include derived data into the OSM database.   
   - The proposed attribution mechanism, adding source to tags and/or change sets is practical, (the imagery will only be released in the context of HOT projects).  I have also added a new section for HOT under http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Attribution .   

 On 22/11/2014 01:15, Satoshi IIDA wrote:
  As my understanding, using Skybox imagery is a task for LWG currently.
  Are there any progress since the discussion?
 2014-11-22 8:43 GMT+09:00 Pat Tressel <ptressel at myuw.net>:
 Josh --
  As some of you may be aware, we recently announced the Skybox for Good program. 
  We know that some of this imagery can be especially useful in Crisis Response situations, and therefore we are explicitly authorizing usage of Skybox for Good imagery in any current HOT Activation, under the condition that changesets and/or features that are derived from Skybox for Good imagery and committed to OSM are attributed to Skybox.  
  That's fantastic news!!
  Ok, folks, who gets to send the formal Thank You....?  I bet that's the communications working group.  And I also bet it's safe to infer a whole bunch of individual thank-yous.  ;-)
  This could, for example, include the method of attributing Skybox as the "source", or a similar method deemed appropriate by HOT.
  We had that older thread about imagery tagging, where it came down to "source" (used since forever) and the new, automatically-added "imagery_used" tag in iD, which, it was pointed out, might not be accurate if the user switches imagery temporarily -- would have to see what iD does in that case.  One thought -- maybe it would be good to add "imagery_used" in JOSM with the same behavior as iD, just so they're consistent.  We'd keep adding source, but imagery_used would be there as a fallback.  Task validators can also check for a source tag, since a task usually specifies a set of imagery.
   -- Pat
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