[HOT] Mapping Africa's National Parks, Game Reserves and Nature Reserves

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Fri Oct 3 17:55:23 UTC 2014

Concerning Madagascar, Madagascar National Parks (former ANGAP : Agence 
Nationale pour la Gestion des Aires Protégées) manages a lot of 
protected areas but not all areas.

After contact with a regional GIS responsible and agreement of national 
responsible, I imported the boundaries of corresponding protected areas 
in 2009 (with data from 2007). Since, I did not performed any update. I 
don't think that there was a lot of changes.

For infrastructures inside parks, this is up to visitors ;-). Usually, 
there is not a lot of equipments inside parks. Sometime, GPS track 
recording under heavy forest cover can be difficult.


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