[HOT] #MapLesotho Rural Task ~46% done. Need help to reach 50%.

Colin Broderick rustybroderick at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 19:57:07 UTC 2014

Howdy Folks - We are looking for a bit of support this weekend for
MapLesotho. Currently we have 46% of the rural mapping task completed.

Given the recent political situation in Lesotho and the announcement of
early elections for February 2015 there is a renewed imperative to get the
OSM map filled in for Lesotho. See -

If anyone has any spare time this weekend we would love some help in
getting the rural task to 50% complete? In essence that means we need to do
another 60 tiles to achieve this. See for yourself at Task 599 -

If you're unable to complete a tile or two maybe you could spread the word
by tweeting the following: *#MapLeostho needs your help to reach our goal
of 50% complete by Monday of our @hotosm #task599 - http://bit.ly/1yEBzvT

Thanks in advance.


Colin Broderick
0861762300 |  www.dt106ers.com
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