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Thanks Eric
I think we should be focusing on all protected areas but possibly first
focus on the areas that tourists can visit as they will be the ones that
benefit the surrounding communities the most.
I will add a 'reserve classification' column to the wiki page so that we
can distinguish between the various classes you referred to. We can then
investigate how best to prioritise the mapping effort based on each
reserves classification.


On 5 October 2014 16:19, Eric SIBERT <courrier at eric.sibert.fr> wrote:

> Taking the opportunity of reviewing all protected areas in Madagascar, I'm
> also thinking about areas tagging.
> In Madagascar, the generic sentence is Aires Protégées (protected areas).
> At national level, one can find:
> - Réserve Naturelle Intégrale (strict nature reserve): no access out of
> scientific investigations
> - Parc National (national park): touristic access. No population settled
> inside, no agriculture, no wood cut. Usually no road and no motor vehicle
> inside.
> - Réserve Spéciale (special reserve): similar to Parc National but may be
> more devoted to a specific conservation target.
> Considering the wiki : https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:boundary%
> 3Dprotected_area
> boundary = protected_area
> protect_class = 1 for Réserve Stricte
> protect_class = 2 for Parc National
> protect_class = 3 for Réserve Spéciale
> I see that some people are also using
> leisure = nature_reserve
> landuse = conservation
> For Madagascar, in the shape file, I find an attribute IUCN with values:
> Ia
> II
> IV
> VI
> (blank)
> What's to do with that?
> What's for protected areas considered as world heritage by UNESCO?
> Eric

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