[HOT] Training WG Meeting today at 15:00 UTC (agenda to be completed)

Claire Halleux claire.halleux at hotosm.org
Mon Oct 13 00:44:26 UTC 2014

Dear All,

Our Training WG meeting is taking place this Monday (today/tomorrow).
The group history and details can be found in [1].
Ideas currently under discussion are listed in [2], please add yours if you
have any subject of interest, related to HOT/OSM training, which wouldn't
be part yet of this list.
Previsional agenda for the meeting can be edited in [3], there's still
plenty of space at the moment for adding priorities.



[3] https://hackpad.com/Training-WG-Meeting-October-13-2014-7gKIttDO52L

Claire Halleux
Volunteer and Member of the Board
+243 99 256 9980 (Kinshasa, DRC)
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

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