[HOT] Liberia Unmil Place names

Ralf Stephan gtrwst9 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 03:10:30 UTC 2014

In those areas without high-res Bing coverage much more
problems exist than that. Can we not get better imagery there?

On 14 Oct 2014 03:38, "Pierre BĂ©land" <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> I see nearly 500 place=unknown for Liberia.  Since we are adding places
> ones by one, it should be possible to categorize the type of locality from
> imagery. This is harder with low res imagery, but in this case, if the
> footprint of the village is small, this should be classified place=hamlet.
> Somebody to revise this?
> regard
> Pierre
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