[HOT] Idea: Feature identification 'forum'

Erik Walthinsen omega at omegacs.net
Thu Oct 16 13:58:47 UTC 2014

I'm working on some outlying parts of Port Loko on #699, and ran into 
what looks like a path, but it also follows in what looks a lot like a 
watershed and seems more defined (in places) than I would expect a path 
to look.  I'm honestly not sure which it is, or if it's both how they 
would align.  (way #308060638, currently a path)

That got me thinking: what if HOT (or eventually OSM in general) had a 
specialized forum where questions like this can be posted in reference 
to a way# or node# specifically?  Interested parties can browse or 
standing-search the questions by tag (either OSM or topical), geofence, 
or whatever.  It acts like a forum topic for the most part, where 
discussion can take place.  Each can (as appropriate) have a poll with 
options being full OSM tagsets, anybody who's posted can add a poll 
option, and anybody who's already voted gets a notification when new 
options are added so they can reconsider.

Unfortunately I have neither the time nor expertise to implement such a 
system, but I thought I'd toss the idea out if anybody wanted to run 
with it.

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