[HOT] Layer to indicate areas that are considered as 'complete' in tasking manager?

Nick McWilliam (MapAction) nmcwilliam at mapaction.org
Thu Oct 16 19:47:12 UTC 2014

Hi all -


I'm wondering if there's a representation available of areas that have been
marked as 'done' in the HOT tasking manager? What I have in mind is
tag/layer showing each tasking square along with its completion date (as an
indication of currency).


The case in point is work on Sierra Leone: it would be great to know where
(for example) coverage of buildings can be considered complete, as an
indicator of population density. This way, we could distinguish "no
buildings" from "no data", and similarly, "no roads" from "no data".


Apologies if there's already an obvious answer that I've missed.


Many thanks as ever -




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