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Banick, Robert Robert.Banick at redcross.org
Fri Oct 17 15:24:41 UTC 2014

+1 to all of this. 4326 is the projection lingua franca in humanitarian GIS, we need to cater to that to be relevant. 

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On 17 October 2014 07:46, Fred Moine <frmoine at gmail.com> wrote:
> Let see why it has been coded like that, but for esri users (most of 
> the gis officer working in humanitarian are using Arcgis, for now) it 
> could be interesting to have EPSG: 4326 like in Geofabrik  website.

Not just ESRI users, Sahana users also.

I can see why GeoJSON might be in Spherical Mercator by default, but Shapefile is bizarre

Allowing users to select the projection will be ideal, but we'll still want a sensible default both for those users who do this all the time
(1 less click) & those who don't read/understand properly ;)


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