[HOT] Tasking Manager updated

Erik Walthinsen omega at omegacs.net
Sun Oct 19 16:06:25 UTC 2014

On 10/17/2014 07:07 AM, Pierre GIRAUD wrote:
> Among the bug fixes or little improvements, this release's main goal
> is to prevent JOSM users to send the task boundary to OSM database
> even if ignore is set which may happen with recent versions of JOSM.

> JOSM users should now see a link to a GPX file right below the "Edit
> in JOSM" button. They're invited to download the given file and load
> it in their favorite editor.

So when clicking 'edit with JOSM' there is no more task boundary loaded? 
  I have to manually load the boundary for every task I work on?  How am 
I supposed to configure my browser to actually automatically hand this 
file to josm?

This is a major step backwards in usability, unless there's something 
significantly wrong with my (untouched since before this change) setup.
When I load a task into JOSM, continuous download immediately grabs 
adjacent area, and then I have no idea what the boundaries are of what 
I'm supposed to be mapping.

I have only *once* seen a tasking rectangle in the OSM database, and 
that was somehow added by somebody else.  I deleted it and moved on.  It 
seems to me that if there's a problem with JOSM adding them, it's 
supremely rare, and should be prioritized in JOSM rather than "fixed" 
with such a significant step backwards in usability.

I'm also not thrilled with the move of "Unlock".  IMO that's going to 
make inadvertent "premature Done"s much more common.  I would much 
rather see it be a button again, perhaps colored yellow to distinguish 
it from the green Done.

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