[HOT] Community Brainstorm for Utilization of Hewlett Grant

Kate Chapman kate.chapman at hotosm.org
Mon Oct 20 18:23:32 UTC 2014

Hi All,

We've received our grant award letter and returned it to Hewlett. Now it is
time to get into specifics of what we will do over the next year with the
support provided towards our Ebola response. As stated before the aim of
the grant is to improve our technology and activation capacity.

The HOT Board, activation leads, voting members and myself have begun
putting together ideas in a spreadsheet (1). The idea is to get together an
idea of what is needed so then priorities can be later ranked and
determined what can be done under the umbrella of the $200,000 grant.

Below is the timeframe of the steps in the consultation.

1. Gather initial requirements with activation leads/board (finished)
2. Consult with voting members (finished)
3. Consult with community (with live meetings to discuss) (20th October -
November 1st)
4. Rank importance of features with help from tech team and activation team
(21st October - 7th November (ongoing as feedback is submitted))
5. Create requirements documents for specific items based on importance (7
- 15 November)
6. Begin putting out HOT Tech Challenges and Contractor requests (15th
November until grant money has been allocated)

The community consultations will occur on IRC at the following times. If it
is not possible for you to make any of these times please let me know and
I'm certainly available to chat at a mutually convenient. time.

-23rd October 2014(2): 3am UTC
-25th October 2014(3): 6am UTC
-26th October 2014(4): 3pm UTC
-29th October 2014(5): 10pm UTC
-30th October 2014(6):  3pm UTC

If you have any questions please contact me.



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