[HOT] Video that Best Represents Our Work?

Benson Funk Wilder bensonwilder at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 03:36:48 UTC 2014

Thanks for the kind words, Dale and Blake.  We're glad the MapGive
<http://mapgive.state.gov> videos are useful but definitely recognize the
limitations - chief among them that the content is currently limited to iD
editing.  For those who haven't seen them there are three videos overall -
the motivational/inspirational/propagandistic "Why Map" video, and the two
training videos on editing with iD and using the TM.

We do have plans (hopefully within the year) to update the training videos
to reflect any changes in iD and OSMTMv2.  We have somewhat less firm plans
to create additional content at this point, but we want everything we
create to flow back into a common repository without duplication,
complementing LearnOSM, Teach OSM, and the other resources out there.
Looking forward to having more conversations about this, starting with
CrisisMappers in a couple weeks.

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