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Kate Chapman kate.chapman at hotosm.org
Fri Oct 24 18:54:00 UTC 2014

Hi All,

This email should have probably been sent a while ago. I apologize. The
Missing Maps Project(1) began as a rather informal collaboration and has
blossomed into much more. I hope with this email to clear up some confusion
and to inform you more about the project as the HOT community. Some of you
have being very involved in it from the beginning, others are probably
finding out about it for the first time now. Or perhaps you’ve read some of
the press coverage that has already been received(2).

The Missing Maps Project is an initiative begun by the American Red Cross,
British Red Cross, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Médecins Sans
Frontières UK. The mission of Missing Maps to is to map the most vulnerable
people in the world with a goal of putting 20 million people on the map in
the next two years this is beyond the normal work that HOT traditionally
and currently is doing. Though founded by 4 organizations we are looking
for others to join us to help with this goal. Individuals, educational
institutions, civil society groups and other NGOs we need your help.
Mapping is occurring through remote volunteering as well as mapping on the
ground, is your community currently missing from the map?

The official launch of the Missing Maps Project will be taking place on
this 7th of November, the main launch occurring in London. Missing Maps
mapathons are already taking place. If you are interested in hosting a
Missing Maps event either in conjunction with the launch or soon after
please get in touch.

Together we can put communities on the map.



(1) http://www.missingmaps.org/

Kate Chapman
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