[HOT] a few editing questions

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Tue Oct 28 00:02:56 UTC 2014

> > I don't think it's a good idea to go through and add the source tag to
> > objects, based on your own working out what the source probably was.
> > Very often the source IS already given, but it's in the changeset
> > comment=* or source=* tag, not on the object itself. Even if that
> > isn't the case, I don't think it's a good idea to guess.
> Makes sense. The database-geek in me balks at this. And my
> inner-database-geek is very loud. Perhaps that means I need to learn
> more about the validation stuff that goes on. We will see.

The subject of querying the imagery source just came up in another forum
(Ebola IM/GIS Skype chat).

One option for improving the likelihood that the source is attributed would
be to add checking for that to the instructions for validators -- they
could push back and ask the editor to add a source.

(Hmm, how would the editor fix that...  I don't know how to add a new tag
to an existing changeset, or edit the description, without reverting it.
What would be the right way of getting the new info associated with the
changeset, keeping in mind that it would be nice to be able to find that
source given the original changeset, so the source could be associated with
the features in the original changeset.)

Another would be to catch this in iD and JOSM, when the user uploads a
change and they're working on a HOT task -- have the lack of a source tag
cause a validation error.

-- Pat
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