[HOT] seeking your help on OSM data extraction tutorial

Ray Kiddy ray at ganymede.org
Wed Oct 29 20:29:21 UTC 2014

On Tue, 21 Oct 2014 11:10:41 -0700
Mikel Maron <mikel.maron at gmail.com> wrote:

> HOTties
> I'm seeking someone(s) to collaborate in putting together and
> delivering a short tutorial on extraction and distribution of OSM
> data.

I suspect that there may need to be more than one tutorial, with each
oriented to a different kind of user. For example, I have a lot of
experience with traditional relational databases. I also work with a
framework that uses key-value coding (ala Eiffel), so I am ok with it.
And I have worked with geo data, but mostly in relational databases.

But when I am looking at OSM data, I have a hard time finding the terms
to use to ask the question I want the answer to. And I suspect my
challenges are different that those of someone brought up with NoSQL
technologies and such.

Does this make sense?

I often seem to have questions like:

I am surprised to see this key being used on this feature. Where else
is this key used? How comprehensively it is applied?

I know there are tags in the US relating to TIGER data. If I know the
TIGER id of an area, how can I find it on OSM?

How can I find the major (by length? by type?) lines in an area, and not
try to get the 450,000 other lines within this rectangle?

Is there any help for someone coming to OSM from a YesSQL background?

thanx - ray

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