[HOT] Are there any detailed reports or research on the utilization of HOT maps on the ground?

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 23:39:37 UTC 2014


I am not really sure what you are saying when you say: "Is there more 
than "The maps helped a lot!""

I think feedback like that from the groups that use the data we generate 
are very convincing that the mapping we do helps on the ground. Further, 
for me it is very informative that these same humanitarian groups do ask 
the HOT specifically to do mapping for them. I do not think they would 
ask us if they did not feel it helped them.

Also, there is a somewhat different scope of the HOT mapping that is 
about empowering local communities outside of immediate crises.

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On 10/31/2014 1:25 PM, Gideon Hartmann wrote:
> Hey mappers,
> whenever I tell friends about the HOT projects, I get a lot of sceptic
> responses. Most people don't see the importance of our maps and there
> are even voices saying it is much more something to keep mappers
> occupied than actual help.
> If I go deeper into online research on the impact of HOT, I can find
> some opinions here and there, but these are mostly very vague and based
> on few people's opinions.
> Is there more than "The maps helped a lot!" or "The maps could help in
> case xxx..." anywhere?
> Are there any quantitative data sets or any scientifically executed
> interviews?
> Keep mapping!
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